Welcome to Borders & Coastguard Agency

Welcome to the Gibraltar Borders and Coastguard Agency webpage, a continuation of the development of our online presence with this interactive webpage and a twitter feed which you can follow @gibraltarborder.

We have developed this as part of the Agency's programme to make use of information and communication technology and we hope you find it useful.  It is designed to be informative and interactive, providing access to real time travel information including land frontier queue information as well as access to real time frontier queue cameras and flight and cruise liner schedules.

We hope you also use our page as your travel planning tool of choice.

Remember that we remain committed to improving the service we provide and to keeping Gibraltar open for business!


  • Borders and Coastguard Agency Officers Complete Dignity at Work Induction Course


    The Borders and Coastguard Agency (“BCA”) announced today that over the past months, 103 officers have completed an induction course on Dignity at Work.

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  • Borders and Coastguard Agency Promotions


    The Chief Executive Officer of the Borders and Coastguard Agency Aaron Chipol is pleased to announce the promotions of David Martinez to Duty Manager and of Jason Tribello to Senior Borders and Coastguard Officer

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Did You Know

Commercial vehicles enter Gibraltar via the Eastgate. In 2015 Borders and Coastguard Officers registered 70,811 vehicles using this facility. The figure from 2014 was 61,194.

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